October 16-21, 2006; Xi'an, China



         This note is to update you on a few post-conference details.


Many of the participants have requested to have the PPT or PDF files of the presentation posted on the meeting web site.  We think this is very useful, not only to the participants but also to those who were not able to attend.  If you presented a poster, we also encourage you to post the PDF file of the poster. 

Please upload your presentation to the following ftp area.

username: agn06
password: agn06

The files should be names as "author_name_talk(poster).ppt(pdf)"



Many of the participants did not hand in the publication copyright form during the conference.  This is mandatory for publication.  Please fill it out and send it to:

Dr. Fan Zhang
Key Lab for Particle Astrophysics
Institute of High Energy Physics
Beijing, 100049
P.R. China

fax: +86-10-88234623


The DEADLINE for the submission of your conference proceedings is December 15, 2006.  We would like to publish the volume within 6 months of the meeting, so we need your cooperation to send in your contribution on time.  If you anticipate that you cannot meet this deadline, please advise us well in advance.  We cannot guarantee that we will accept late submissions.  We strongly encourage you to write the proceedings now, while it is fresh on your mind, and not to wait until the deadline, as it precedes a long holiday.

The following are the page limits, which will be strictly enforced, since we are already at the total page limit allowed by the publisher:

Invited speakers:          10 pages
Contributed speakers:    4 pages
Posters:                       2 pages

All figures will be printed in black and white.  You may submit figures in color, but please check that they are legible and that their quality is not compromised in black and white. 

See the Proceedings link for further information, including instructions on how to download the Latex macro files.


After you submit your contribution to us, we encourage you to post it on astro-ph. When doing so, please add the following text to the comment line so that it can be properly cited:

    Conference proceedings to appear in "The Central Engine of Active
    Galactic Nuclei", ed. L. C. Ho and J.-M. Wang (San Francisco: ASP).




To ensure that the proceedings get shipped to you properly, we need to have your full postal address, email address, and telephone number.  For most of you, this information was already provided in your original registration.  However, if this information has changed, or you anticipate that it will be changed within the next 6 months, it is your responsibility to update us. 

Updates should be sent by email to Dr. Fan Zhang (