The proceedings for the conference will be published in the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series (ASPCS), approximately by mid-2007. The editors of the volume will be Luis C. Ho and Jian-Min Wang. All of the invited speakers and participants who have paid the full registration fee will receive a copy of the book.

   After you submit your contribution, we encourage you to post it on astro-ph.  When doing so, please add the following     text to the comment line, so that it can be properly cited:
    Conference proceedings to appear in "The Central Engine of Active
    Galactic Nuclei", ed. L. C. Ho and J.-M. Wang (San Francisco: ASP).

    To confirm whether your submission is successfully received, please check the file list in the directory of  (username: agn06,  password: agn06)

 *** Page limit ***

 10 pages for every invited talk

 4 pages for every contributed talk

 2 pages for every poster


 *** Figures***

All figures should be black/white or grayscale. All files for figures should be in EPS format, and named as follows


author_name_fig*.eps (e.g., Bill_Smith_fig1.eps)


December 15, 2006

LaTeX template ***

Please download the following zipped file that contains the manuscript instructions, the Latex template, and associated style files.


Link to all-in-one zipped file


An example of the final PDF file can be linked > here.

What you have to send***

All files (author_name.tex, author_name_fig*.eps, and the successfully produced author_name.pdf file) should be packaged into a gzipped tar file named as author_name.tar.gz (e.g., Bill_Smith.tar.gz) and sent to


If the file size exceeds 1MB, please upload it by ftp to

username: agn06

password: agn06

*** Contact***

If you have any questions, please send email to