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Xi' an, the capital of the northwest ShanXi Province, is one of the most important historical and cultural centers in China, being best known for the 2200-year-old terra-cotta warriors and horses from the Qin dynasty.


The meeting will be held during the week of October 16-21, 2006, at the Science Hall of Xi' an Jiaotong University, the most famous university in the middle west of China. It is located at Xianning Xilu 28#, near the southeast corner of the Ming Dynasty City Wall in Xi'an (see the blue block in the map). Its relative location to the Nanyang hotel and Tianshan hotel can be seen below.


 Xi' an is easily accessible from a number of major cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong) by air flights or by trains. Some information on X'an transportation can be viewed here. A travel agency is arranged to help on booking ticket. If you need the help, please contact .  


During mid-October, the weather should be pleasant, and giving the participants an opportunity to extend their stay to visit Xi' an or other parts of China. The prompt weather of Xi'an can be viewed here.

We will arrange for a one-day excursion during the middle of the meeting to visit the Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, and we will help to make arrangements for more extensive touring packages before or after the meeting.